The "Watchful Scribe"


A face in the stands, a voice among the chanting chorus, a critic, an observer and a pundit rolled into one. The Watchful Scribe wouldn't mind if you take this sports fan’s word, or if you argue against the points the Watchful Scribe makes. That's alright. Talk sports. Discuss football. Break it down to its nitty-gritty parts. Let's put facts and opinions out in the open. It's healthy, and the Watchful Scribe loves this exchange so make good use of the comments box, alright? Just don't obsess over the Watchful Scribe's identity because you'll surely hit the wall if you choose to go down this road. But here's a hint: the Watchful Scribe is just like you, passionate about sports – the Premier League and the NBA in particular! Now you know one thing about the Watchful Scribe, and probably, that is the first and last information you'll have about this sly scribe.

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