Before heading to All-Star weekend, now is the time for the basketball betting fans to watch their favourite teams

Take a last look at the All-Stars before the break!

Thursday’s NBA will bring you 14 basketball games to feast your eyes on. It will also be the last chance for you, sports betting fans, to see most of the All-Star participants in action before the weekend festivities.

So if you are looking to bet online and cash in on your favourite teams and players, the live betting spectacle tomorrow will be the best opportunity to make your punt!

San Antonio Spurs @ Orlando Magic (February 16, 08:00 GMT+8)

The meeting of these polar opposite teams makes for a one-sided affair. San Antonio still boast a top-five offence, while Orlando remain at the bottom as one of the league’s worst attacking team. It also doesn’t help that the Magic defence is horrible despite having a deep frontcourt composed of Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon and Bismack Biyombo.

If you’re betting, pick San Antonio -10.00 for 1.92.

Indiana Pacers @ Cleveland Cavaliers (February 16, 08:00 GMT+8)

Indiana can’t allow Kyle Korver to stay open from deep if they want to avoid the beating they received last week. However, with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James in excellent form, it still looks difficult for the Pacers to take the W. Not to mention that they’ll be facing a team that plays well at home.

Charlotte Hornets @ Toronto Raptors (February 16, 08:30 GMT+8)

The Hornets are back in a slump after ending their seven-game losing streak with a win against the Nets last week. Their bench has been terrible over their losing stretch, and it isn’t expected to change when they face the Raptors boosted by the acquisition of Serge Ibaka and the return of top-scorer DeMar DeRozan.

Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics (February 16, 08:30 GMT+8)

It will be beautiful to see Philadelphia snap another winning streak, especially if it belongs to a top-tier squad such as Boston. Nonetheless, although the Sixers are starting to get less dependent on their star, it will be a tall order for them to take down the Celtics who have been beaten only five times this 2017.

That being said, I’ll go for Boston -9.50 for 1.87.

Dallas Mavericks @ Detroit Pistons (February 16, 08:30 GMT+8)

Coach Rick Carlisle will be wary of Andre Drummond and the Pistons’ top-ten defence, but the Mavs have a good chance of dominating the match with their new-found energy on both ends of the floor. It should also come as good news for Dallas that Reggie Jackson continues to struggle running the show at Detroit.

If you’re willing to take the risk, the Mavs +5.00 for 1.92 is an enticing punt.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Brooklyn Nets (February 16, 08:30 GMT+8)

With Michael Beasley starting at the power forward position, it seems that the Bucks have already adjusted to life without Jabari Parker. They have won two in a row now, and that is anticipated to continue when they visit the Nets who are in a complete mess after losing 13 straight matches. Thus, Milwaukee -5.50 for 1.93 should be a good bet.

Miami Heat @ Houston Rockets (February 16, 09:00 GMT+8)

Despite losing in two consecutive fixtures, Miami’s 13-game winning run – which originated from their victory over the Rockets last January – should keep them confident in this meeting. Houston have won four in a row though, and the Heat’s recent sloppy defending won’t work out well if James Harden finds his rhythm early.

This game could end up close again, so Miami +10.00 for 1.86 is a punt worth considering.

New Orleans Pelicans @ Memphis Grizzlies (February 16, 09:00 GMT+8)

Wins against the Suns and Timberwolves will do little for the struggling Pelicans. They remain a team too dependent on Anthony Davis, and their performances against playoff bound teams aren’t encouraging. Thus, they aren’t expected to pose much of a challenge to a Grizzlies squad that has been a steady force in the Western Conference. With that in mind, choose Memphis -8.00 for 1.91.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Denver Nuggets (February 16, 10:00 GMT+8)

The previous encounters between these two sides this season have all ended with a lead less than four points. Hence, their final battle is predicted to be another close affair. However, the Nikola Jokic-led Denver appear to have more advantage following their 22-point blowout of the Warriors and the Wolves’ loss of the influential Zach LaVine.

Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz (February 16, 10:00 GMT+8)

Portland won their clash against Utah last October, but this is a different Jazz team they will be facing with All-Star Gordon Hayward and the surging Rudy Gobert all but geared to snap their skid. Though, it will be interesting to see what difference the trade of starting centre Mason Plumlee for Jusuf Nurkic will have on the Blazers.

I think this could go either way, but Utah -7.50 for 1.80 looks like a good choice.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Phoenix Suns (February 16, 10:00 GMT+8)

The three-pointers aren’t just falling at the rate Phoenix expected, and they need to fix it as soon as possible to at least improve their standing. They have a legitimate chance of sparking their season back into life against the Lakers, but they will have to be cautious of Luke Walton’s frontcourt that now features the pairing of Julius Randle and Tarik Black as well as Ivica Zubac off the bench.

New York Knicks @ Oklahoma City Thunder (February 16, 10:30 GMT+8)

Oklahoma have been horrible offensively over their last two games. Nevertheless, they have been in a stretch like this, so they should be able to adjust when they host the Knickerbockers who have lots of off-court distractions. It’s also doubtful the Russell Westbrook will allow his team to lose three in a row at this crucial time. Go for the Thunder -7.00 for 1.98.

Sacramento Kings @ Golden State Warriors (February 16, 11:30 GMT+8)

Nevermind the Warriors blowout loss to the Nuggets, Steve Kerr rested two key pieces and gave limited minutes to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry after all. Golden State are still the team to beat ahead of the All-Star break, and it’s unlikely that Sacramento will be lucky again to steal a victory especially after their gruelling bout in Los Angeles yesterday.

Atlanta Hawks @ LA Clippers (February 16, 11:30 GMT+8)

Player of the Week Blake Griffin – alongside Jamal Crawford – has fueled the Clippers’ resurgence in the absence of Chris Paul, but a huge challenge awaits them with the high-flying Hawks landing at the Staples Centre. Defence is Atlanta’s speciality, and they are likely to use it to their advantage to neutralise the Clips’ attack and destroy the momentum they got.

Although this one is a tough choice, I’ll pick Atlanta +2.00 for 2.03.

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Disclaimer: Odds are correct at time of publish.

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