SBOBET is on the hunt for the World Cup 2018's best punter

SBOBET World Cup Challenge Makes a Grand Start

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is approaching fast, and it won’t be long until we see some of the best footballers in the world vie for the biggest trophy there is. Eyes will all be fixed on Russia as the world eventually learns who is the best country when it comes to playing the beautiful game.

Of course, not everyone can go to Russia and watch the big games, but SBOBET has something in store for you! The SBOBET World Cup Challenge is here to boost your World Cup experience and add a competitive twist to it!

You can choose to play our exciting new offer through two fronts: you can either aim to earn the highest amount of winnings or through the number of smart punts that you made.

Like the World Cup, our online betting challenge have multiple stages where you can compete in. You can compete through the group and knockout stages. The World Cup Challenge one-ups the World Cup by adding a third stage: an Ultimate Challenge where your punts through the group and knockout stages are combined for a grand total.

Big prizes await our best punters! The biggest-winning tipster will get as much as €5000! The bettor with the most bets could win €3000! This is a treasure trove that you just don’t find anywhere!

However, don’t worry if you don’t get to make the most during the World Cup Challenge because we’ve got something for you! €25 will be rewarded to 40 lucky punters throughout our Challenge, so a single bet could land you a free €25!

Make your World Cup experience exciting with SBOBET World Cup Challenge! This is a fantastic way to add to your World Cup games and make you support your team even harder! If you want to read about the nitty-gritty of the SBOBET World Cup Challenge, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Don’t miss out on the fun and winnings and join the World Cup Challenge today! See you on the leaderboards!




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