The Sixers rally for a 93-92 win against betting odds rivals the Trail Blazers

It’s a fantastic day for NBA online betting!

The NBA is truly an unpredictable league, and Saturday’s games proved just that as most of the underdogs went out with a win. Besides an excellent display from the Sixers and Nets that surprised betting odds, the Magic, Hornets, Grizzlies, Lakers and Warriors also provided some intense basketball action that thrilled even casual sports betting

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Sports betting fans are excited to see the clash of two former OKC stars

Houston will get excited as the top Warriors visit

We’re halfway through January, but the exciting NBA won’t stop giving exciting sports betting opportunities! The most attention-grabbing match tomorrow has to be the duel between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have the favour of many betting websites, but James Harden’s game is more than enough to snag attractive betting

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Betting odds are strong for Bayern to defend the Bundesliga title this season after securing the top spot once again

Rejoice! The best football games in Germany are back!

Compared to the other European leagues, the Bundesliga sure took its sweet time and left many of its fans and football betting communities starving for more. The wait is finally over: Germany’s top-flight football league is back in action and will start the year with a string of games that will make you want to

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Sports betting fans are impressed at how the Heat contained the Rockets to pull off a convincing win

It’s a good day to be the underdog!

Nothing fascinates people more than an underdog story. I am always pleasantly surprised whenever a smaller team that has the betting odds stacked against them manages to defeat the stronger competition. This is what some of these teams managed to accomplish in today’s NBA games. These teams weren’t always looked at favourably in terms of

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Betting odds are counting on the Golden State Warriors to win big against the Oklahoma City Thunder

Are you ready to bet online on these big NBA games?

NBA and sports betting fans must get over the results of the MLK day showdown now as the Warriors return this Thursday with a battle against the Thunder that promises to be another live betting spectacle for the ages. Also, with the contenders expected to make huge waves, this nine-game showdown is the perfect event

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Tottenham's Harry Kane eyes to intensify live betting by thrashing Manchester City in their upcoming Premier League clash

Watch out for an intense chase at the top!

As Chelsea remain atop the Premier League table, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal will all be determined to cut the deficit and excite the live betting faithful. They are still within striking distance of the league leaders, but they would want to bag as many points as they can right now before betting odds for their

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Karl-Anthony Towns' recent improvement can help the Timberwolves' betting odds once they face the Spurs

Age vs Experience! Who will win this interesting fight?

After that blowout of a game by the Warriors, betting websites move on to the other intriguing games that the NBA has on paper. The teams who will be playing tomorrow’s games will also liven up online betting forums and will make you want to glue your eyes to the screen. There is one game

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Sports betting fans are left disappointed with the result of the rematch between the Warriors and the Cavs

Now that is how you bounce back big!

Indeed, revenge is a dish best served cold. After their controversial meeting on Christmas day, the Warriors now proved to betting websites and to the whole online gambling community why betting odds favour them to take the NBA championship this year. Of course, it’s still too early to say what will happen, but their 35-point

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Betting websites back the Warriors to win against the Cavaliers in their upcoming NBA regular season game

Buckle up for a thrilling ride in this big rivalry

The meeting between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors on Christmas day failed to satisfy betting websites and sports betting pundits, particularly because of the league’s Last Two Minutes report that somehow showed that the results could have been different. Hence, as the two teams renew their rivalry this Tuesday, live betting fans

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Dallas Mavericks are being applauded by live betting fans after a dominating win against Minnesota Timberwolves

Close games and big leads make sports betting exciting

There are two situations that can make any online betting veteran sweat his palms in nervous excitement: blow-out games and fiercely fought contests that can go down to a few key possessions. Whenever these types of games start, punters engaged in live betting either exclaim in joy or grunt in frustration. However, that’s just what

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