DeMarcus Cousins beat betting odds after spearheading New Orleans Pelicans to victory against Memphis Grizzlies

It’s a great day to Boogie!

The NBA playoffs are almost in view, but I don’t think that you should look too far ahead! The regular season still has a lot to offer to sports betting fans as those who bet online for the Pelicans are dancing in joy right now! Sure, the other games feature teams that are worth your

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Online betting fans are ecstatic to witness the final regular season clash between NBA rivals OKC and GSW

The final clash will be an exciting one!

The NBA always provides excellent online betting sprees, but there are certain games that command the attention of betting websites throughout the world. The final regular season clash between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder will happen tomorrow. While the Dubs have already won the season series, the bad blood brewing between

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Sports betting fans are happy with Damian Lillard's performance as they continue their push for a playoff spot

The Trail Blazers have their eyes on the prize!

Ninth in the NBA Western Conference, the Portland Trail Blazers know very well what they need to do: continue winning and get the coveted eighth seed. Following today’s win sparked by Damian Lillard’s sensational live betting performance, they are now only one game behind the Denver Nuggets for the spot; and online gambling pundits and

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Online betting are thrilled with the Miami Heat as they are now in the contention to qualify for the playoffs

NBA online betting is getting exciting in sunny Miami

From the second-worst NBA record to playoff contention, the Miami Heat have indeed defied betting odds and surprised the sports betting community with their amazing turnaround. The season is far from over, but getting into the playoff race and solidifying their position after an 11-30 start is an incredible feat for a team that has

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Sports betting fans are happy with the performance of the Pelicans after their blowout win against the Blazers

It’s a wonderful day for sports betting fans

Today was a good day for online betting fans, as today’s NBA games had something for everyone. Favourites followed the script and won comfortably against their opposition. There were also upsets that rewarded the risks taken by the more daring punters. We can always count on the NBA to provide satisfying returns for our live

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Expect an intense live betting game as the Detroit Pistons look for their 34th win of the season

Who’s up for Asian Handicap Betting in the NBA?

Betting odds favour the playoff-bound teams to win the NBA showcase this Wednesday, but it doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for punters. With some of these so-called “strong” squads struggling lately as the season winds down, the underdogs—who are all looking for a respectable finish—seem to be the perfect picks with handicap

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NBA never cease to intensify online betting fanatics following the thrilling and shocking results of games recently

Upsets make for thrilling live betting

It’s fun whenever games go according to your predictions as they validate your online betting talents. It’s also an exhilarating feeling when you make a leap of faith with your punts and your team returns the love you gave two-fold. Yesterday’s games were a treat for the safe punters and the risk takers. Some games

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Online betting in NBA intensifies as all teams are now doubling their efforts to qualify in the playoffs

It’s an exciting riot to the playoffs

The NBA season is slowly winding down. The playoffs are just around the corner, making the games and live betting experience all the more exciting. The top seeds are fighting for the all-important home court advantage while the teams at the fringes of the playoff picture are doing all they can to squeeze themselves in

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Live betting fans are ecstatic to see Houston Rockets prevailing over current NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers

The battle for MVP is just getting more thrilling!

Today’s NBA games featured a Boston matinee, a New York showdown and a Los Angeles thriller, but the most exciting live betting affair happened in Houston where James Harden surprised betting websites and proved his MVP case against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Harden is undoubtedly having an MVP-caliber season, and his performance in their

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Mavs' live betting fans are delighted as Nowitzki became the sixth player in NBA history to surpass 30,000 career points

It’s a great time to bet online

The NBA always makes sure that there are more than enough games to whet your sports betting appetite. As there are always games being played every day, you will find no shortage of games with superb betting odds. Orlando Magic @ Charlotte Hornets (March 11, 08:00 GMT+8) Charlotte’s bid for the Eastern Conference eighth seed

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