Live betting fanatics are in euphoria after Anthony Davis stepped up and led the West All-Stars against the East

This game is all about fun and happy basketball

You probably had a grand time when you made a bet online about the possible result of the All-Star Game. It’s not a game that will totally satisfy a man’s deep desire for thrilling sports betting opportunities as the All-Stars prefer to mingle with each other during the game. However, the fact that this select

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This generation of all-stars will definitely give sports betting fans a show

Here’s what to expect in the big NBA All-Star showdown

The retirement of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, as well as the battle with father time of Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Tony Parker and Vince Carter, brought us a different NBA All-Star game this year. However, it doesn’t mean that the biggest mid-season showcase of the league will lack the usual greatness and

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John Wall treated sports betting fans with a decent double-double to power the Wizards to victory

Balls-to-the-Wall basketball makes sports betting exciting

The All-Star break is almost upon us, but the NBA’s online betting community still had its dose of quality basketball games today! The Wizards, the Pacers, the Celtics and the Bulls were the only outfits suiting up to play, but all of them laid it all on the floor for everyone to see. While it

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Before heading to All-Star weekend, now is the time for the basketball betting fans to watch their favourite teams

Take a last look at the All-Stars before the break!

Thursday’s NBA will bring you 14 basketball games to feast your eyes on. It will also be the last chance for you, sports betting fans, to see most of the All-Star participants in action before the weekend festivities. So if you are looking to bet online and cash in on your favourite teams and players,

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Jimmy Butler treated live betting fans with a double-double in his return from injury

What an exciting day for NBA sports betting fans!

If there’s one lesson today’s NBA games gave us, it’s the thought that quantity does not immediately equate to quality! The three games had even the most hardened live betting vet on the edge of his seat as the action unfolded. Betting odds were thrown out the window as everyone came out to play fantastic

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Sacramento Kings' sports betting fans believe that they can dominate against the Lakers

Three great games to quench your mobile betting thirst

The All-Star Weekend is in the air and everyone is anticipating it. Why not use the lull before the bang to make some big winnings with free bets on NBA games? Tomorrow brings fewer games than usual, but that doesn’t take away from the exciting sports betting action basketball fans will receive. A day where

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Boston Celtics' online betting supporters believe that Marcus Smart will deliver against the Dallas Mavericks

Expect great live betting moments from unexpected places!

If you’re looking for a constant source of sports betting fun, there’s no better place to turn to than the NBA! The world’s most popular basketball league brings many a talking point for online betting fans, as any player in this league can step up and play a monster game. As much as basketball is

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Online betting followers are amazed at how Detroit Pistons ovetook Toronto Raptors' huge lead in recent NBA game

Upsets in the NBA are always thrilling to watch!

Who doesn’t like seeing the underdogs upset the favourites from time to time? NBA enthusiasts who bet online on the little guys with Asian Handicap betting are surely jumping for joy right now as the lower-seeded teams pull off some surprises against higher-ranked squads. Besides the dominating win by Minnesota, there are also the thrillers

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Online betting fanatics of OKC are upset with the team's recent defeat against Golden State Warriors

There’s just no rivalry in the Thunder-Warriors battle

It’s already over before it even began. Sure, there’s bad blood between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, but that’s all there is to it as today’s game proved that the difference in quality between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder is far too much. Betting websites and online gambling circles expected their

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Kevin Durant's homecoming is expected to spark an explosive live betting match.

This year’s most exciting homecoming is all set in Oklahoma!

There are a lot of NBA games on Sunday that will turn the heads of online betting fans, but there’s no match more anticipated than the meeting of Golden State and Oklahoma – a battle that promises to be another live betting epic headlined by Kevin Durant’s return. Although their previous meetings are not that

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